Folks, Mama Pacha is going through a bit of a change these days. Due to many issues I have had to re-evaluate how Mama Pacha is working for myself, my family and my customers.  
For the time being, and to ensure quality and consistency, I will keep making large batch stock of the 5 most popular products, and will focus occasionally on making small batch runs of the rest of the Mama Pacha products. 
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Large batch products I will be making regularly:
-        Calendula Diaper Cream
-        Large Stick Deodorants: all 5 scents
-        Pope’s Hill Body Butter
-        Magnesium Lotion
-        Lip Balms
-        Beard Oil
The products and ingredients will remain the same.✨🍃🌻
I truly appreciate all the support I have received in the 13+ years I have been running Mama Pacha!
I am not going anywhere so please stay tuned to see when products will be made.
If you need a product or are running low, please send me a message and I will see what I can do
Thanks again everyone! 
Tara Garcia